IPR Visits the Quilt Museum

One day last month, Iowa Public Radio’s Jacqueline Halbloom, host of IPR’s Iowa Arts Showcase, popped over to Winterset. She sat down with me at the docent desk inside the Iowa Quilt Museum and asked me all sorts of cool questions, her microphone on.

Among the stories she got out of me were how I started quilting, how the Fons & Porter brand evolved over the years, and how Mary Fons became a quilter and cohost of Fons & Porter’s Lover of Quilting on public television.

We talked about my projects in Winterset—the quilt museum and the Iowa Theater. I also got to express my love of fiction and my current pursuit of an encore career as a novelist.

Jacqueline asked about the ongoing appeal of quilts and quilting in America, giving me the opportunity to list some of the different standpoints from which we can view our country’s most valued national craft—artistic, feminist, activist, patriotic, family, cultural, and more.

I expounded on some of my favorite “quilty” themes, quoting Mary Fons at one point (“You can’t wrap a baby in an iPod.”), how as a quiltmaker I’m a serial monogamist who makes one quilt at a time, and my recurring lament that librarians are sexier than quilters.

If you’d like to give the interview a listen just click on the triangle below.


5 Responses

  1. Margaret Barr
    | Reply

    Humble quilt? I beg to differ! Marianne’s quilts are stunning and fabulous, not humble.

    • Marianne Fons
      | Reply

      Hello, Margaret. I don’t remember Jacqueline saying my quilts were humble, but thanks for the nice compliment!

  2. Sharon Ledbetter
    | Reply

    Terrific interview! Two thumbs up!

  3. Jane Dallmeyer
    | Reply

    Really enjoyed listening to you talk about this. Now I am thinking about driving to Marion Indiana to see the Quilt Hall of fame!!!!

  4. Jim Graham
    | Reply

    I enjoyed this interview with my sister, of whom I am very proud. Quilters are special.

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