The Quilt Alliance Visits Me, Virtually!

I’ve been a member of—and a fan of—the Quilt Alliance for a long time. QA is a nonprofit established in 1993 to collect stories about quilts from living quiltmakers so information about them is not lost to time.

Some of my personally most favorite quilts are ones made in the nineteenth century, 99% of which are anonymous. If only a quilt could speak! If only it could tell us who made it and what that maker’s life was like! If only there had been a Quilt Alliance back then!

StoryBee is the Quilt Alliance’s series of once-a-month video interviews with quilty people like me conducted by writer and board member Frances O’Roark Dowell. When QA President Amy Milne asked me to the guest for September’s StoryBee feature, I said “Heck, yes!” (Other people Frances has interviewed are Julie Silber, Latifah Saafir, Ricky Tims, Alex Veronelli, and many more!)

But, wait! The interview was to be recorded in August, during my annual Sojourn of Solitude at our cottage on Washington Island, WI. I spend almost a full month alone (except for Scrabble the Dog) each summer, writing, contemplating the meaning of life, going to yoga class. But wait again! The cottage has Internet! And I have a special sewing space on the property that’s never been shown to the outside world before! The show could go on!

When interview day came, I had great fun chatting with Frances, especially because she has a knack for asking questions no one has asked before! Besides being a quilter, Frances is a writer and a new writing buddy of mine. (We do things like read each other’s manuscripts-in-progress.) We could have talked all day!

Click on the link below to watch a cute teaser for the interview (and meet our dogs that could be twins). If you’d like to watch all 50 or so minutes, you have only to join the Quilt Alliance. Individual memberships start at just $30 for the year, and you’d be supporting the great work of the QA! Members get a free Quilt of Valor pattern I designed and awarded.

Click here to be teased into joining a wonderful, wonderful organization!

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  1. Jean Etheridge
    | Reply

    What a fun interview! I enjoyed your conversation with Frances, and peeking into your studio was a treat. What a gorgeous setting! Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  2. Sharon Ledbetter
    | Reply

    A beautiful and inspiring setting….whether quilting or writing.

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