Quilt Show Legends Masterclass

The Quilt Show (TQS), hosted by my pals Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, is offering a special treat this Sunday, December 13—a chance to enjoy an array of excerpts from the program’s past thirteen years of “Legend” interviews. (Because of the pandemic, they weren’t able to travel to a location to profile a special person the way they normally do.)

TQS is calling this unique episode “Quilt Show Legends Masterclass,” and the lineup is fantastic—Virginia Avery, Jinny Beyer, Libby Lehman, Yvonne Porcella, Eleanor Burns, Meredith Schroeder, Michael James, Mary Mashuta and Roberta Horton, Georgia Bonesteel, Katie Pasquini Masopust, Judith Baker Montano, and Jean Wells. I’m included, too, as I was The Quilt Show’s honoree for 2018. I’m relishing the thought of savoring clips from past shows I missed.

If you’re a subscriber to The Quilt Show (as I am), on Sunday we’ll be watching “together” at our respective computers. If you’re not a member, you can watch the show for free December 20 through 27 by using this link. (It won’t be live until the 20th.) Think about giving yourself an early Christmas gift (a year’s worth of TQS programs) by clicking on this link and joining so you can be among the first to watch.

In addition to interviews the special episode includes three how-to demos—one each from Katie (graffiti quilting), Judith (creating organic shapes with burned edges), and me (Pinwheel Star block for a Quilt of Valor). The program runs an hour and twenty minutes, a little longer than most episodes, because it’s so jammed with content.
The quilters profiled are my heroes. It’s incredible to think of the collective wisdom these pillars of our beloved community hold. Two of them, Virginia Avery and Yvonne Porcella, are no longer with us.
Click here to watch a short promo video that will make you as eager for Sunday as I am.
Happy Holidays to All!


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  1. Linda K Duff
    | Reply

    It will be Master Quilters overload, but it will be amazing and informative! Can’t wait!
    Linda Duff

  2. Cyndi Johnson
    | Reply

    So glad they are doing this. I’ve been a member of The Quilt Show from the beginning and it’s the best money I spend all year! Especially this year!

    • Marianne Fons
      | Reply

      Now THAT’S a great testimonial!

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